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March 2017

How it all started!

McNairy Leadership is designed to encourage teenagers and adults to become educated and interested in community affairs. The program hosts two groups, adult leadership, and youth leadership. The Chamber of Commerce partners with local government, businesses and various state organizations to offer a fun and informative curriculum, inspiring future generations to become engaged citizens and most of all leaders. Each class is required to complete a class project before graduating. The groups are encouraged to take what they have learned from their experience and give back to the community in a unique way. After visiting Big Hill Pond State Park and realizing the economic impact tourism has on McNairy County, the leaders agreed that kayaks and canoes would be a wonderful opportunity for visitors to explore the park. The 2016-2017 McNairy Adult Leaders are excited to host the 1st Annual Big Hill Trail Run. All proceeds will be donated to Big Hill Pond State Park, to purchase canoes and kayaks. We look forward to this event and hope that you will make it out, and remember; only the best make it up the hill. #MeetMcNairy Click here for more information about the McNairy leadership program.